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Success Stories

Aleida Higginson

I started my first Foundations class at CrossFit Route 7 on April 9, 2018, and can’t believe how different my life is now. I’ve generally been pretty active throughout my life but struggled with consistency, especially if it’s something I was doing alone. When I star
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Athlete Spotlight: Pendar Kordnavasi

Congratulations to 7-Fit program member, Pendar Kordnavasi for having so much success through his experience in the 7-Fit Program. Since his fitness journey began in July with us, he has lost over 20lbs, reduced his body fat, gained strength, tone, coordination, and flexibility. Read
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Umair Ghazi

It’s quite fitting that I am writing my CrossFit story in February as it was exactly two years ago that I started my CrossFit journey here at CFR7 and what a journey it has been. I still remember the day I showed up at CFR7 for the free CrossFit class and even though it was a relative
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Athlete Spotlight: Bill Baker

Congratulations to 7-Fit Program member, Bill Baker, on losing 20 pounds since he began with us in October 2018! Through hard work and consistency, he has not only improved his endurance and strength dramatically, he has also reversed disease. His blood sugar levels used to be pre-dia
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Brianna Barbaro

I’ve always been relatively active from an early age, but like many people I struggled after college to incorporate a healthy amount of exercise into my increasingly busy routine.  This past year, though, I decided to make a promise to myself to prioritize and invest in what matters m
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Danielle Sanguanboon: Draft

Danielle began her fitness journey with CrossFit Route 7 on July 30, 2018 in our new 7-Fit Program. Our 7-Fit Program introduces fundamental fitness training concepts in a fun bootcamp style class with a strong focus on core strengthening and fat burning exercises. Our 7-Fit members h
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Daniel Mills

The idea of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro came out of a gathering with my college buddies last year in Tahoe. At that point I looked at the whole process of getting ready physically and mentally as part of the journey. None of us had any previous mountaineering experience beyond day hikes
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Ashley Latiano

  I joined CrossFit Route 7 January of 2018 and in just a few short months, the coaches, workouts, and community have impacted my life more than words could properly describe. I have never been an athlete and struggled greatly trying to find a gym that could help me achieve my fitness
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Ashish Gour

It’s been just over a year since I first started with CrossFit and I am pleasantly surprised that I am still working out and in fact look forward to the next WOD. I had tried various places and plans to work out but always used to drop out or get injured and quit. This time it is diff
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