Athlete Spotlight: Aravind M.


Athlete Spotlight: Aravind M.

My fitness journey started ten years ago.  I started running weekly 5k races. At the time I was 30-40 pounds heavier than I am now.  After training and participating in races I noticed the weight to slowly come off.  Slowly 5k races became 10k races, 10 milers and half marathons.  I always wanted to incorporate regimented strength training but didn’t know what direction to go in.

I was always encouraged by friends and family to look into CrossFit.  When I first started researching CrossFit workouts I was always intimidated by the complex movements and feared getting injured attempting such movements.  But, after hearing success stories from friends and family doing CrossFit I decided to find a gym in my area.  That’s how I stumbled upon CrossFit Route 7.  In January 2020 I made the decision to take Foundations. It has easily been the best decision I have made.

One thing I have learned is that CrossFit is an ongoing learning process.  You are always learning new movements or improving your technique.  Therefore, I know I am always far from being a finished product.

I know at CFR7 I am surrounded by supportive, knowledgeable and most importantly patient coaches.  The coaches always take the time to answer questions and come up with scaled or modified versions of the workout if it is outside my skill range.  My goals have been to show up as often as I can and to be as proficient as possible with the movements.

My advice to anyone thinking about starting up CrossFit is to come into CrossFit Route 7 and take a free class and get to know the coaches.  Get regimented about the days you come in and stick with it.  I am happy with the current results of CrossFit.  In the last couple years that I have been coming in I have gone down a pant size and shaved time off of my mile.  I plan on sticking with the process and set realistic goals to see what results it may bring.