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Success Stories

Dominique Rivera

  It’s crazy to think that my CrossFit journey started exactly a year ago from today. If you would’ve asked me back then if I could see myself doing pull ups or squatting 285 lbs, I would’ve laughed at the question. Fast forward a year later and not only am I capable of pull ups
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Don Parnell

I started CrossFit 6 plus years ago on my 50th birthday.  It was my version of a “mid-life crisis” 🙂 It has totally changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Little more than a year ago I had a my left hip replaced.  I had “bone on bone”and
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Reynoldo Cervantes

After almost a year of trying to convince myself to get into the gym, I finally took the hardest step and walked through the door of CrossFit Route 7 and signed up. What convinced me was the great stories and results that I had heard about from CrossFit Route 7 and their fitness progr
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Thomas Inglesby

After seeing an advertisement on Facebook I decided to give CrossFit a shot and signed up for the Foundations program. I liked the Foundations program, the instructors, and the people, so I signed up for a membership afterwards. I could only commit to something short-term, so I signed
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Jordan Speares: Pregnancy and CrossFit

CrossFit helped me throughout my pregnancy, during labor and postpartum.  I’ve always been into working out, but I was getting sick of my usual routine: running, random weight lifting, sporadic group classes, etc.  I had heard of CrossFit, but was hesitant to try something so un
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Arlisa Whitby

As a first time crossfitter, I was very fortunate to stumble upon CrossFit route 7. From my very first interaction I knew this was the place for me! I came in as a new you challenge participant which is a six week intro program. Before the challenge began, I met with the head trainer(
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Ryan Spicknell

CrossFit Route 7 has been my sanctuary for the last 2 plus years since I moved to the U.S. Being a friendly Canadian that moved across the continent I was looking for a new home.  I emailed a few boxes and BJ was the first person to respond, welcome me in for a workout, and invite me
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Stephen Lanciani

I joined the CrossFit Route 7 community in the fall of 2016, with about a year and a half of CrossFit experience under my belt. I came in thinking I had a good understanding of what CrossFit was all about, and how most boxes operated, but boy was I wrong. CrossFit Route 7 is by far th
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Lisa Leonhardt: Pregnancy and CrossFit

I think working out throughout pregnancy is important, as long as it’s safe for you, especially considering after the baby you can’t/don’t have time to lol.  My goal was to work out 3x a week throughout the entire pregnancy, but I managed to do up to 5x a lot of weeks.  It  was very d
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