Athlete Spotlight: Kosh R.


Athlete Spotlight: Kosh R.

Q: How did you find out about CrossFit Route 7 and what about it drew you to join?

I started Crossfit at CFR7 5 years ago. I wasn’t physically active and had just turned 40 and didn’t really have much motivation to work on myself. One evening, while scrolling through Facebook, saw an ad for a New You challenge. A new year had just started and it was only a 6 week (I think) commitment and figured why not. I met with the manager at CFR7, while there was a WOD going on. It was really intimidating but I signed up for the New You Challenge. I remember my first class. I could barely lift a 35lb barbell. 

Q: When did your journey with CrossFit Route 7 begin and what were your goals going into it?
Once I got done with the New You Challenge, I was already hooked and signed up to be a member. Initially, my goal was to just not be the last person that the whole class was waiting on to finish the WOD. Other than that my goal was just to show up and learn all these movements that were so foreign to me. It took me a while to stop feeling intimidated by other faster, stronger athletes. I still remember asking a member who was doing Toes to Bar about how long it took him to be able to do that as I could barely hang on to do a pull-up. Once I started feeling comfortable and having the coaches help me scale my workouts, I started to feel at home. I wanted to learn how to do Toes to Bar, and string multiple pull-ups. I wanted to get stronger, leaner, and cut. 

Q: What has helped you achieve success at CrossFit Route 7?
I have had a lot of small incremental successes which keeps me coming back for more. Consistency has been a key (and sometimes an issue). I changed my way of thinking from “How in the world am I going to do this WOD” to “I need to scale this to the next toughest option which is…” which has helped me a lot. I am still working on myself and have personal goals that I have yet to achieve, which I know I will. Over the years, I’ve demonstrably become stronger and faster (most days) and I’m excited to continue to grow in my fitness journey. The coaching has been critical for my success. I remember there have been times when the coach would come by and tell me to drop the weight and work on form. I still have skills to acquire and get stronger before I can say I am successful at all CF movements. But I’m motivated to actively work on it.

Q:What advice can you give to others coming into the gym with similar goals?
The most important advice I can offer is to NOT be intimidated at all by the people who are already there and have been doing CF for longer than you. We all started somewhere and we’re all still working on ourselves to get better in one form or another. Talk to the folks, listen to the coach, don’t let ego take over (that’s how you get hurt), and just have fun. One of the biggest things I’ve learned so far is to listen to my body. And be consistent. 

Q: Besides working out, what other lifestyle changes did you make outside of the gym to achieve your goals?
I started drinking more water as I realized that I was constantly dehydrated. I also started paying attention to my eating habits (still have snack attacks but I’m more mindful of it). I recently did the Nutrition Challenge and it really helped me understand what my body needs to fuel up to maintain, and sustain my ability to workout, recover, feel and look better. I know I need to sleep more and it’s a work in progress. 

Q: What has been your favorite thing about CrossFit Route 7?
By far the best decision in my 40’s was to join CFR7. I love the community, the friendships, and the supportive, skilled coaches who actually are invested in helping you. No matter how I am feeling when I walk in, I always walk out with a smile, a little more energy, more confidence, and feeling good about myself. I’ve been doing CF now for 5 years and still have coaches correct me when my form is off. I love how I’m pushed to get better, faster, and learn new movements (bar muscles up, consistency with double under). I’ve had the opportunity to visit other CF boxes while I’ve traveled and coaching has never compared to what I have here. I love the fact that for one hour a day I’m greeted with a smile and a Hello from the coach and my friends, turn off my brain, and just go as hard as I can. Programming is always fun and challenging. The dedication of the owners and coaches, classes on specific skills either at night or during the weekends, hosting nutrition seminars, challenges etc. all feed into why CFR7 is hands down, my home away from home.