Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Schedule additions: We now have Open gym at 0700 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. More opportunity for gains!


Town Hall Nutrition Challenge Meeting: Thursday, August 31st at 6:30 pm  

  • RP Powerpoint presentation provided by RP
  • Points of discussion: details of challenge including information on templates, meal prep, rules and teams
  • Tasks to be completed: Identifying Teams and Team Leaders
  • FAQ’s and Q&A

*Note: You may purchase your templates in advance of the meeting or wait until after attending if you have questions/concerns to address.


Strict Press
5 x 5 (ME, Heavier than 8/14)

Perform 21-15-9
Row Cals
Push Jerks 115/80, Fx: 95/65
*Rest 1:00
Perform 15-12-9
Burpees over Bar
WBS 20/14
Rest 1:00
Perform 12-9-6
Chest to Bar Pull ups
Thrusters 115/80, Fx: 95/65
*coaches note: Athletes can be staggered to start at different elements. No score for this workout, just have fun and go hard!