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Success Stories

Mike Hanzich

We recently had the oppportunity to interview the illusive and ever so humble Mike Hanzich. This is what we managed to get out of him. How long have you been doing CrossFit? A year and a half.  (Only at CFR7!) Why did you decide to start CrossFit? A couple guys from work were joking a
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Robert Townsend

After a 20 year break from regular exercise, I stepped into CrossFit Route 7 about 7 months ago. Health and fitness had been crowded out by other priorities. After a disconcerting health check-up, my doctor suggested that I should do more exercise. Prior to my prolonged absence, I had
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Gigi Schwartzman

Six weeks after the birth of my second child, my doctor gave me a clean bill of health and I was ready to get back into shape. I had gained 47 pounds to be exact and had lost major muscle mass and was in poor cardiovascular health due to a pregnancy related medical condition that prev
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Julia Seder

The hits keep coming. Success Update after 1 year with CFR7: When you came you had a goal of doing 1 strict pull up and to no longer use a band or ring rows. Now you have multiple strict pull ups and yesterday you did all the pull up in Fran (45 reps) and just 10# under RX. Great job
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Caroline Ruckstuhl

We celebrate all fitness victories here at Crossfit Route 7. Just like Crossfit, there is so much versatility, and exposure all things gym. Congratulations to Caroline Ruckstuhl whose discipline, and commitment to her fitness goals makes her a winner and a shinning example of hard wor
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Steve Kwiatkowski

Steve 31, started CrossFit in February of 2015 with CrossFit Route 7 and has experience some awesome changes.   With a regiment of 4-5 classes a week, Steve has dropped  23lbs in 6 months and increased strength/speed and mobility since joining CR7. “All around I feel a whole lot
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“Mom” Allyn Jones

62 years young and getting stronger every day! I came from a fairly active group class at a regional gym where all around aerobics, body and hand weights were our medium.   Except for a torn rotator cuff that kept me from many movements and a knee that hurt to bend I thought I was phy
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Erin Bird

Like a lot if people, I was a slave to cardio and thought it was the end all, be all for weight loss. I would spend hours and hours on the treadmill, running outside and on the elliptical with little success. One marathon, 3 half marathons and several other road races down, I was bore
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