Monday, October 1, 2018


Monday, October 1, 2018

We had an awesome weekend with the close of our weightlifting seminar and an outstanding showing of CrossFit Route 7 teams competing at Superfit DC. 4 podium finishes with the majority of the teams making it into the final WOD. Outstanding weekend athletes.


Join us Saturday, October 6th, 9 and 10 am WOD for our Farewell WOD for Coach Nicole: She will be missed!!!


Saturday, October 6th at 11:30 am Free Kipping Pull ups clinic. This clinic is to help improve the coordination and timing of the kipping movement. The kip is an advance and dynamic method to increase intensity in Bar Gymnastics. Toes 2 bar, Knees to elbow, pull ups, chest 2 bar pull ups and Bar Muscle ups.

Reserve your spot on Zen Planner today! Kip it!


Overview of week:
Monday: Front Squats
Tuesday: Kipping Pull up Technique
Wednesday: Push Press
Thursday: Hang Clean and Jerk complex
Friday: Deadlifts
Saturday: Snatches
Sunday: Split Jerks


Front Squat:
Build to heavy triple from ground*
*beginners go from the racks

20 min.

200m Run
10 Front Squats at 60% of Triple
10 Burpees Over Bar