Athlete Spotlight: Denis Torrico


Athlete Spotlight: Denis Torrico

I’ve always seen exercise as a reward. There’s people that have some kind of handicap that does not allow for physical activity who would be more than grateful to be in my place. Even knowing this, I was never the type to push myself. I’ve played sports competitively as a kid and teen (mainly soccer, a little football, basketball with friends) and continued by playing recreationally in adult leagues but I never had the drive to be the best I could be. I would always just settle for the bare minimum of what I could be. It’s also discouraging when you see others making huge amounts of progress in a shorter amount of time, both physical gains and athletic ability. Then one night, I came across an ad on Facebook that would change my life (quite literally). 

Crossfit Route 7 (CFR7) was promoting a 90-day transformation challenge. My then form of pushing exercise was Muay-Thai (Thai boxing/kickboxing/MMA) and although I enjoyed it, it wasn’t pushing my body in the way that I wanted. I decided to try out this challenge and was in the gym two days later. The coaches welcomed a small group of us that signed up for the challenge to the gym and to the 7-fit program. We then got to work immediately. During my three months in 7-fit, I would see people on the other half of the gym throwing weights around like twigs, performing incredible gymnastics feats, and ending each workout lying on their backs from exhaustion. I was exceling quickly in 7-fit under Coach Mary-Ann’s guidance and wanted to see if I could push myself even harder like those people. After talking to my coaches, they agreed that it was time for me to take the next step in my fitness journey. Coach Rachel was my foundations instructor and explained every movement thoroughly. Within two weeks, I joined my first Crossfit class. 

I’ve progressed so much from the coaching of the CFR7 team and push from other members. With Crossfit being all-encompassing, you improve your strength, cardio, agility, and mobility. I never thought I’d be able to do half of the things that I am now able to do thanks to the program. Some people would argue that the price is quite hefty. Is it? You’re getting access to gym equipment, essentially a personal trainer, and a fun environment that all promotes growth and positivity without the mundane and judgmental aspects that come with a traditional gym. Every movement, every piece of advice, and every bond I’ve formed have all helped me become a better me. Of course, I couldn’t keep this source of happiness to myself and invited my significant other to try it out, too. Funny enough, she’s had a very similar journey to mine. 

I guess I won the challenge because I’m the only one that remained. My prize? A better, healthier, and happier life – and you can’t put a price on that.