Athlete Spotlight: Steve Marcelino


Athlete Spotlight: Steve Marcelino

Athlete, Steve Marcelino joined CrossFit Route 7 a little over two years ago and he has seen tremendous improvement in his strength and fitness! We are proud to feature him as an athlete spotlight. Read his interview below!

Q: How did you find out about CrossFit Route 7 and what about it drew you to join?

A: “I wound up finding CrossFit Route 7 completely by accident a little over two years ago.  My office just happens to be on the same street and one day while taking a walk at lunch I cut through the parking lot where the gym is.  The garage doors were open and this was the first time I had seen a gym set up the way CrossFit gyms are.  There weren’t lines of treadmills and elliptical machines that you see at other typical big box gyms.  People were working out but in a way that immediately caught my attention.  They weren’t just doing one exercise.  They were doing multiple types of exercises in a single workout.  I walked in and a few minutes later I had signed up for a free class.  A week or two later I came in for the free class.  By the time I walked out of that class I realized that I wasn’t in the shape I thought I was.  It was humbling at first but I immediately signed up for the Foundations class and I’ve been at CFR7 ever since that day.”

Q: When did your journey with CrossFit Route 7 begin and what were your goals going into it?

A: “I became a member a little over two years ago with the goal of getting back into shape or even into better shape than I had been before.  Like most people, I sit in front of a computer all day.  Over the previous year, I had lost track of regularly working out and only worked out when I had the time.  But that mentality was also what kept me from being consistent.  I wasn’t making time or making fitness a priority.”

Q: What has helped you achieve success at CrossFit Route 7?

A: “The great coaching staff at CrossFit Route 7.  When I first started I had questions.  Lots and lots of questions.  Not a single question has gone unanswered and the coaches always take the time to patiently answer my questions, explain something I didn’t understand, and encourage me to look at something from a different perspective. The coaches aren’t just coaches, they are also active competitors who lead by example. The community at CFR7 is equally responsible for the success I have achieved here. I have made friends through CFR7 that I could only have made through the gym.  At the end of the day, I actually get excited to head to the gym and get in a good workout.”

Q:What advice can you give to others coming into the gym with similar goals?

A: “Make the time.  Pick a set number of days to come in and stick to it.  The hardest part is getting to the gym, but once you walk in the door you let the coaches take over then do the workout as instructed.  It is also 100% okay to have lots of questions or to feel like you may not know what you are doing at first. Don’t worry about that part. Just about everyone that starts something new has these questions.  Coaches and members alike take the time to help you out however they can.”

Q: Besides working out, what other lifestyle changes did you make outside of the gym to achieve your goals?

A: “I started working with a nutritionist and it completely changed everything for the better.  I had certain goals along with fitness that were able to be addressed by improving my nutrition. Before changing my diet, my energy levels regularly wavered drastically throughout the day. I was also looking to add some lean muscle weight.  By working with a nutritionist I’ve been able to drop my body fat, increase lean muscle mass, gain strength and get rid of my bouts of being “hangry”  (angry/hunger).” 

Q: What has been your favorite thing about CrossFit Route 7?

A: “Other than the great community (coaches and members), as a kid, I had secretly always wanted to be a gymnast. Coming into CFR7, I had no real practical experience doing any of the gymnastics movements.  Fast forward to now: I am doing muscle ups on the rings and bar, doing to chest to bar pull ups and even handstand walks!  In the time I’ve been here, I’ve been able to pay it forward and help other people with those same movements that I had always wanted to do.”