Thursday, March 31, 2016


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mark your Calendars: Tuesday, April 5, Free Boot Camp and Yoga at 6:30 pm. Check it Out!


Now that the Open is all over it is time to improve our strength.  Consistency with Core lifts and movements make our overall performance better. We will be moving into the 5/3/1 training cycle. We will be focusing on the Back Squat, Deadlift, Strict Press and Bench Press.

Every week you will do work based on percentages of your lifts. Logging/tracking these lifts are important. NO GUESSING or DEVIATION. Please use your log books. This is a very common and basic cycle that yields excellent results for all levels. This is great because you will always know what your going to do and will give you a program to follow later in life if you ever felt the need to get stronger or focus on a lift you may me lacking strength in. Conditioning will remain relatively the same. We will have double strength/accessory days for development and Weekly Hero or Bench Mark WODs. Please keep in mind that rest and recovery is essential for building strength which is the overall goal (MORE PROTEIN). Your conditioning will get better as well because loads that were once difficult will be easier to move. Even you Oly lifts.

There are many sources and places to reference this cycle. I have provided an article from as well as a calculator. Please read the article as it will help you if you are new all this and answer questions that you may have.
You can also Download a more permanent 5/3/1 from google play or the app store.
That’s all I got. Let Go Hard!


CrossFit Total:
1 RM
*Back Squat
*Strict Press

*Compare: 9/1/15