Thursday, June 18, 2020


Thursday, June 18, 2020

We have listened and we have learned so much over the last few weeks. Our recent Town Hall meeting united our community to not run from challenge, but to face it head on! Over the last 5.5 years we have faced many challenges as a small business, but 2020 has by far been the most challenging time for the business, our managers/coaches and all the members in our great community. It has been beyond tough to watch our business be destroyed and ripped apart, through no fault/action of our gym. But fortunately we are all CrossFitters. As such, we are physically and emotionally strong…and we can get through anything.
CrossFit has been ingrained in many of our lives and we have loved it. Our gym has created an environment where people of all colors, sizes, genders, ages, shapes, and backgrounds come together and get in the trenches and battle through challenging and fun workouts. This environment has created strong bonds between us that are built to withstand challenges. We love CrossFit and the community of awesome friends we are surrounded by in our gym and at other CrossFit gyms around the world. The words of one man do not change anything about who we are and what we do and how we operate within the 4 walls of our gym.
We have always been a community of support towards each other and inclusion towards anyone who stepped through our doors. We have never deviated away from this. Our gym, our coaches and our members have always embraced these values and created the most positive and inclusive environment to get fit…and have a whole lot of fun doing it while building friendships with some amazing people! #CFR7friendshipmachine #CFR7lovemachine
We believe in forgiveness and the ability of people and organizations to change. Former CrossFit CEO, Greg Glassman made some truly awful statements in the last week that we can not excuse. That is why we demanded that CrossFit HQ make a leadership change. They made that change with the appointment of Dave Castro as the CEO of CrossFit and at this time, we are continuing forward with our CrossFit affiliation. We do this with the hope and belief that CrossFit HQ will continue to make positive changes to their organization to promote inclusion and diversity. We are also making this decision because we feel that we should retain our voice and influence within the CrossFit community. This is the best way for us to use the strength of our community to push for change within HQ, the individual CrossFit affiliates, and the world outside of CrossFit.
We have already reached out to CrossFit HQ to share details of our new partnership with Little Lights (see details in previous post). Imagine if we can share this program with a network of 12,000 other gyms and they build a similar program in their city? That is how we can change and impact this world!
Our heart has always been one of service towards you and towards people in need in our community (and even around the world with some of our past programs). We have always offered opportunities for our members to serve people in need in our local community. We are excited to launch our new partnership with Little Lights to build relationships that will create many more opportunities for you to get involved through volunteering to serve those in need. Action is what makes change. Getting involved in the lives of our underprivileged youth makes change. We certainly cannot solve all of the huge social and racial injustice issues facing us but we can start actively taking steps in the right direction. Small steps lead to bigger steps and bigger steps and these steps forward will start to make a difference.
If we know one thing, CrossFitters love a challenge and CrossFitters love to work hard to improve their lives…and the lives of those around them. Let’s not talk about the change, let’s be the change. Let us unite together and make a positive impact on our neighborhood and our world!  💪💪🏼💪🏾
John 13:34

Core Strength: 

1: 0:45 Reverse Plank
2: 0:45 Low Ring Plank (Fx: High Plank)
3: 5 Each Side Bear Crawl Bird Dog (Fx: Bird Dog)
4: 5 Each Side Weighted Deadbugs (Fx: Deadbugs)


5 Rounds
15 Pull Ups (Fx: 10 Pull Ups)
5 Power Clean and Jerks (155/105) (Fx: 115/80) (Rx+: 185/125)