Thursday, February 11, 2016


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy 4th Anniversary BCF! Thank you to all members for creating an incredible community over these past four years. Time to celebrate!

BCF Trifecta party: 4th Anniversary, Nutrition Challenge Completion and farewell to Coaches John, Jake, James and Sarah! Come out and celebrate the 4th anniversary of BCF! We’ll also be crushing some macos to celebrate the end of the 2016 Nutrition Challenge. Additionally, we’ll be bidding farewell to coaches Sarah, James, John and Jake.

Date: Thursday, February 11, 2016
Time: 8:00pm
Where: Carpool
4000 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, Virginia 22203


Hey Week #4 Winners!

Congratulations on winning the final week of the 2016 BCF/CFR7 Nutrition Challenge!  I know it wasn’t an easy road, but your consistency and commitment paid off!  Your prize is a t-shirt from your box and some WOD accessories.  Please check in with BJ to get  your T-shirt size and collect your prize!
Thanks to the boxes for providing a weekly prize in the challenge and recognize your efforts!
Cheers to all of you!
Coach Sarah

We love the big classes and all the energy and personalities that come with it. Please remember to reserve for the larger classes (1730 and 1830). It is coaches discretion to add people or ask the athlete to attend a later class. All Week day classes are a 17 athlete Cap. To help you put, don’t forget to download the Zen Planner App.  Save the 10’s!

You will now be able to do the following from the app:
  • Reserve a class, add yourself to a waitlist and cancel your reservation
  • View all class information, including: Name, Description & Spaces Remaining
  • View Instructor Pictures
  • View “Who’s Coming” to classes
Click on the icons below to view the Zen Planner app in the iTunes or Google Play store.  If you have any questions concerning the app, you can access the help documentation here.
We hope you enjoy the app!


Sign up now for The 2016 CrossFit Open! Each week from February 25- March 26 we will do the Open workout of that week, culminating in our Saturday Night Lights Open Throwdown! The Open has both RX and Scaled divisions so all members are encouraged to register and track their scores against others worldwide!


Thursday, February 11, 8:00pm: BCF Trifecta Party at Carpool 


Benchmark WOD: Fran:
Thrusters 95/65
Pull ups

Athletes should judge each other.

4 x 4/2 Strict HSPU + 6/4 Kipping HSPU
Rest no more than :1:30