Monday, November 23, 2020


Monday, November 23, 2020

Weekly OverviewEvents/Classes
MondayMuscle UpsFree 7-Fit Class at 6:30PM Click Here To Register now
TuesdayBack SquatsFree 7-Fit Class at 7:00AM Click Here To Register now
WednesdaySquat Snatches
ThursdayLong Conditioning
SaturdayHandstand Push UpsFree 7-Fit Class at 10:00AM Click Here To Register now
SundayClean Jerks

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Rx+: Max Unbroken Strict Muscle Ups

Rx: Max Unbroken Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Fx: Max Strict Pull Ups


5 Rounds

2:00 to Complete:
550/475m Row (Fx: 525/450m) (Rx+: 575/500m)

3:00 Rest after each interval.