Monday, March 19, 2018


Monday, March 19, 2018

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*Athletes remember that score MUST be submitted online by 8 pm Monday.

*If performed at Open gym the Coach must Supervise (oversee) the WOD even if you have a judge for scores to be valid. If not you must video the WOD via CF Open Rules and submit the video online.

*Please ensure you have a clear understanding of rules, movements and standards and having a judge.-It is the athletes responsibility to find a judge.

For details or other questions about the open visit


Come out Thursday Night and Support your top RX athletes in the CrossFit Open as they do the WOD after the Announcement. Bring a friend and a beer and last close out the last week of The CrossFit Open Season!


Monday: Back Squat
Tuesday: Shoulder to Overhead Complex
Wednesday: Front Squat
Thursday: Hang Power Snatch/ “Jumping Helen”
Friday: Open WOD 18.5
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: Partner WOD

Back Squat
4 sets of x 5 @ 75-78% (2 sets @ 75% and 2 sets at 78%)
Rest 2-3 minutes

Beginners = 5,5,5,5 (based off of feel)
Rest 2-3 minutes


For time:
12 Snatch 135/95,  Fx: 95/65,  Rx+: 155/105
9 Snatch 135/95,  Fx: 95/65,  Rx+: 155/105
400m Run
6 Snatch 135/95,  Fx: 95/65,  Rx+: 155/105
*squat or power

Accumulate 4 minutes of couch stretch (2 minutes per leg)