Monday, July 11, 2016


Monday, July 11, 2016

Is something holding you back from a better overhead position or do you need to manage tightness? Dr. Justin and Clarissa from Airrosti will be guiding you though a mobility clinic to help. This will take place between the 5:30: pm and 6:30 pm WOD, so everyone will get a chance to train and improve their Range of Motion.

If you plan to attend either WOD please reserve here for the clinic


Strength and Skill Days:
Monday: Cleans and Back Squats
Tuesday: Rope Climb
Wednesday: Push Jerk
Thursday: Snatch
Friday: Deadlift
Sunday: Bench Press


*Working Sets start at 80%

Pause Back Squat
3×5 (ME)
*2 count pause

4 x 50ft. Sled drag, forward facing (AHAP)
rest 2:00