Monday, January 11, 2021


Monday, January 11, 2021


2-3 minutes Monostructural Movement (jump rope, run, jumping jacks, row, etc)

-2 Rounds-

5 Close Grip Push-Ups
10 Hollow Holds
15 Air Squats
10 Wall Slides

Pick a few more of these shoulder mobilizations and go to town. 


A) Single Arm Straddle Press– 3x 8-10 e/s
B) Single Arm Row– 3x 10-20 e/s 

A Straddle Press is exactly like the video, but instead of having your legs in front, you put them out to the side as wide as you can.

This will be a super set, so find an object of some sort that you can press with one hand, and one that you can row with one hand, and use that for each- you’ll do your 8-10 presses on one side, then the other. Then hop up and do the rows on one side, then the other. 


-5 RFQ-

10 Bench Dips
50m Bear Crawls
20 Curtsey Lunges (alternating) 

This workout is meant to be done for QUALITY, not for time- 5 rounds in a decent amount of volume so slow it down and focus on doing good reps, not doing it fast. For the bench dips, do your best to find something like a couch or chair, just make sure it’s fairly stable before you start going HAM on it lol. As always, if you can find an object to hold to increase the difficulty of the lunges, please feel free.