Monday, December 31, 2018


Monday, December 31, 2018

As the clock ticks down and you think of all the things you accomplished this year. Be glad to have a whole new year of opportunities to accomplish even more. See you in the new year.

New Years’ Scaled Schedule

Monday: December 31st: 
-6am 7Fit
-6am WOD 25 and Open gym
-Noon WOD 50 Cap
-Open gym: Noon-5:30pm
-4:30pm WOD 25 Cap

Tuesday, January 1st: 
-Noon WOD 50 Cap and Open Gym


Strength and Skill Schedule:
Monday: Power Clean EMOM
Tuesday: Partner WOD
Wednesday: Back Squat
Thursday: Ring Muscle Ups
Friday: Deadlift
Saturday: Paralette Skills/ EMOM20
Sunday: Hang Power Snatches

E2MOM 14
3 Touch and Go Power Cleans (ME)

25 ABMAT Sit-ups
200m Row
15 Push Ups
10 C2B (Fx: Pull Up)
5 Bar Muscle Ups (Fx: C2B Pull-ups)