Saturday, June 1st at 11:30 am: Improve Your Overhead Lifts in CrossFit


Saturday, June 1st at 11:30 am: Improve Your Overhead Lifts in CrossFit

Is Shoulder Pain or Lack of Mobility Keeping You from Achieving the Overhead Lifting Performance You’re Working for in CrossFit? If you’re having difficulty or pain with any of the following:
-Performing a snatch or getting into a back rack position
-Doing ring dips or handstand pushups
-Getting comfortable sleeping or even reaching behind your back

Maybe you’re not even having pain (yet) but have noticed that your mobility is not what it used to be? Then this workshop is for you!

All of these are symptoms of dysfunction going on in the shoulder complex (which is more than just the shoulder itself).

If you’ve had these issues for a while and have tried different things to help yourself (massage, dry needling, Graston) and the shoulder is better for a while, but then the issues come back, then you are probably only treating the SYMPTOMS of your problem, and not the underlying cause. If you don’t get down to what’s really going on, then the cycle will just continue, and no one has time for that!

At the Improving Overhead Lifts workshop, you will learn:
The 5 Key Steps to Decreasing Pain and Improving Mobility
What the shoulder needs to perform at its best
Why having really strong upper traps is actually not such a great thing
Ways your neck is almost always an overlooked part of the problem (even if you’re not having neck pain)
How to know if your shoulder problem is something you can fix yourself or if you need someone to help you
How much better you can feel if you actually address those nagging issues instead of just hoping they’ll go away

This event will be a great opportunity to have all your questions answered by a physical therapist and a specialist in human movement and shoulder issues. You will also have chance to have a mini-evaluation on your shoulder to assess your particular symptoms. If getting up in front of a group is not your thing, then you will still benefit from experiencing a live examination of another member of the audience to see what’s going on with particular symptoms they may be having in their shoulder and how that relates to you!
The Improving Overhead Lifts workshop is free, but you must RSVP with this link to reserve your seat. You do not need to be a member of this Crossfit to attend!

Reservation Linke:

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Dr. Stacy Snow, PT, DPT
Tranquil Place Physical Therapy & Wellness
P.S. Attendees will receive a Special Guide: “5 Easy Ways to Improve Shoulder Pain and Performance” to help reinforce the training received in this workshop!