Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Make sure that you’re all signed up and ready to battle this Saturday at BCF for the CFR7/BCF AM vs. PM throwdown and Summer BBQ!!!  Please respond on FB if you plan to attend so we know how much food to have catered (thanks in advance to Adam Green/Hilton for the incredible catering job that they do for us!). It’s not to late to sign up.

This competition is designed for athletes to get some first time competition experience (should be able to FX all WODs and RX sometimes). If you want to compete (open to active BCF & CFR7 members), add your name to the form below:

After party at Carpool!


Sumo Deadlift 3 x 5

12-9-6 For time (15 min cap – challenge yourself with the muscle ups but scale appropriately!)
Muscle Ups
Front Squats @ 205/140
FX: C2B, 155/105

FYI – a little background on the Sumo Deadlift (we won’t be regularly targeting this lift):

CrossFit and the Sumo Deadlift

For those who CrossFit, the argument is not so simple. There are a variety of factors to consider. As well as being concerned with max strength, CrossFitters are, in general, concerned with all-around strength and fitness. So the deadlift of choice should be concerned with the improvement of these markers.

Arguably, the conventional deadlift is, in many cases, going to have the most carryover for building overall strength. However, this is a perfect example of where we need to take into account your specific situation. If you have weaknesses that are better remedied by the sumo deadlift, e.g. hip strength, then it is well worth bringing those weaknesses up to speed. Having no gaping holes in your armor is a fundamental part of the CrossFit philosophy, and there is no doubt that hip strength is fundamental to good human movement and will carry over well into other CrossFit fundamentals.

Other tenets on which CrossFit hangs include being varied and functional. So should the sumo deadlift be included on these terms? It is a legitimate and valid variant of the deadlift as we have seen. And it is certainly a functional movement in the real world sense.

To weigh up against this, CrossFitters should take into account the fact that it is harder to touch-and-go effectively with the sumo deadlift due to the more precise set up required. This makes it less of a good choice for rep-based workouts, and it is not often allowed in competition. This last point is relevant to both CrossFitters and strongmen.

Because Gains!!!