Tuesday, February 1, 2022


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

New Programming Block!

Congratulations to all of our athletes on their strength gains and PR’s in the last month as we have peaked on our Back Squat and Deadlift cycle! It has been inspiring to see all the strength gains you’ve achieved and strength records shattered at the gyms with new PRs for the CrossFit Total! Starting Monday, January 31st, we will begin a new block of programming at BCF and CF Route 7. This programming block will be roughly 2 months long, lasting through March and the CrossFit Open. 

The main goal for this block of programming will be to focus on skill refinement and preparing you for the CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open is a three-workout competition held over three weeks at CrossFit affiliates and garage gyms around the world. Workouts are released online each Thursday, and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores. Signing up for the CrossFit Open is an excellent way to test your fitness and see how you compare to the rest of the CrossFit community. CrossFit Open workouts will be performed on Fridays at CFR7 and Saturdays at BCF. The CrossFit Open is a great opportunity for experienced CrossFitters to test their fitness in the Rx division as well as new members to participate in the scaled division. Most importantly, we always have a lot of fun!

The reasons for the direction of our conditioning programming are as follows:

  • For most CrossFitters, the CrossFit Open is the biggest test of fitness that we have each year and we want you all to have the best results possible.
  • Our programming has been slowly building our strength, gymnastics skills and conditioning all year and now you can put it all to the test and see what you are truly capable of.

Some overall themes you can expect to see in the conditioning programming this block are:

  • More “Open Style” workouts and Open workout retests
  • More strategy-based metcons
  • Application of gymnastics skills and strength in metcons

During this time, our approach to the strength portion of our program will mostly be designed to solidify and apply the new strength levels you developed over the last year. This is not to say you won’t be getting stronger during this time but the main goals will be to dial in technique and give our bodies a little rest from intense, high percentage lifting. We will also take this time to shift our focus away from back squats and deadlifts and work on some other barbell movements/skills that we might not do as often. 

Some reasons for this direction in our strength programming are:

  • We have taken our strength just about as far as we can get it for this cycle and now our bodies will get some much needed rest from the intense, heavy lifting we have been doing.
  • Dialing back the intensity of our strength programming will allow us to push the pace on our metcons even more and get our conditioning as dialed in as possible for the CrossFit Open.
  • Taking the strength we built in our squats and deadlifts and applying it to other similar movements will provide some extra technique refinement and strength development in those patterns of movement.

Some overall themes you can expect to see in the strength programming this block are:

  • Mostly moderate loads and volumes for barbell work (3 – 6 rep range, 65 – 85% of 1RM)
  • Frequent “Olympic” lifting movements (snatches/cleans/jerks, etc.)
  • Inclusion of new/different barbell movements (e.g. front squats, overhead squats, Romanian deadlifts, bench press, Pendlay rows, etc.)
  • Occasional max effort lifting

As we look at our programming through 2021, you can expect to see us transition into a cycle of programming blocks similar to last year with the long term goal of building capacity across all the components of physical fitness. We will start back at the beginning and slowly build upon the different pieces of your fitness to make you even faster, stronger, and healthier!!!

We are very excited to roll out this new programming and see all of the improvements that our members will make!!!

If you have questions or comments, please let us know.


E2MOM 10
6 Back Rack Lunges (↑)


1: 3 Rope Climbs (Fx: 2) (Rx+: 5)
2: 10 Deadlifts (225/155) (Fx: 185/125) (Rx+: 275/185)
3: Rest
4: AMRAP Calorie Bike
5: Rest