Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Tuesday, May 5, 2020

We are finally seeing some good news for Virginia businesses to re-open! The Governor of Virginia just gave his proposed timeline for this to happen…with the caveat that the timeline could change. As of now, businesses in VA will be able to open up on Friday, May 15th (GREAT NEWS!!).

Based on current information available, we will be required to maintain the 10 person limit. Therefore, classes will be 9 participants and 1 coach. Classes will run for 50 minutes so we can have a 10 minute gap for one group to depart while the coach wipes down the the equipment again. Class reservations will be required and if we see all classes filling up, we will add more. We recommend reserving classes further in advance than you’ve had to in the past (or start doing it for those of you who have never reserved). Download the Zen Planner app for an easy process to reserve classes. Once again, if you reserve class and do not show up, you will lose eligibility to that class slot for a 30 day probationary period (please respect your fellow gym members who also want to workout).

It is expected that Phase 1 will last 2-4 weeks (depending on the health data) and then we move to Phase 2, which has the potential for larger classes and also adding our 7-Fit classes, but that is TBD additional details from the Governor on fitness center requirements.

For those of you who froze your membership, if you have not instructed us otherwise, your membership will start again on May 15th. If you are not yet ready to return to the gym, please email [email protected] and request a longer hold period.

For those of you who have borrowed equipment, please see below (you will receive an email from your managers with additional details regarding time slots to return the equipment):

  • All barbells will need to be returned on Monday, May 11th (we will be performing maintenance on the barbells so they are like new again).
  • All other equipment that has been borrowed will need to be returned on Thursday, May 14th.

Thank you for your continued patience and a BIGGER THANK YOU to all of our members who have continued to support us through this challenging time! We are very humbled by your generosity and we really appreciate it. We have been working hard and you’ll see a brand new gym when you return on May 15th!

Virtual Workouts!!!

CrossFit– 5:30PM JOIN HERE

5 Rounds
:30 AMRAP Biceps Curls
:30 AMRAP Triceps Extensions
:30 Rest
:30 AMRAP Strict Press
:30 AMRAP Upright Rows
:30 Rest

E2MOM 18
30ft Low Bear Crawl
60ft Shuttle Sprint

For the low bear crawl, hips should be in line with the shoulders and shins should stay parallel to the ground.