Thursday, June 1, 2017


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Friday, June 2nd at 6:30 pm, all Route 7 ladies, It’s time to Wine and WOD. Join us for a women’s only event where you’ll be able to strengthen your bonds with your fellow R7 lady CrossFitters and maybe even form some new ones!

There’s nothing better than getting a sweat on and having a few drinks and some grub with good people. Please BYOB and snacks to share. In addition, please use the Google excel spreadsheet posted on our Seven Up page to post what snacks you’ll be bringing to share and to see what others are bringing as well.

Lastly, bring any (female) friends along to the event who would like to join… the more the merrier! No fee for attending.


Saturday, June 3rd starting around 2 pm, Test you swing at Top Golf Loudon with the community. Great food, music and family!  Plenty of activities available for Adults and children. Wear your favorite tank to show off them arms for your swing. Hope to see the community in full affect!


Hollow Position Work:

Technique Breakdown
then: 2 x :30 of each movement

*Tuck Hollow Hold, Single Leg Extensions, Extending Both Legs
*Lowering Straight Legs, Extending the Arms
*Hollow Rock
*Tuck Crunch & V-Ups

*Courtesy of:;

Partner WOD:
For Total time:
3 Rounds each
Person 1: 300 meter row
Person 2: Front Rack KB Hold 24/16, Fx: 16/12 (2 Kettlebells)
3 Rounds each
Person 1: 10 Handstand Push ups, Fx: Hand release Push ups
Partner 2: Handstand Hold Fx: Plank
3 Rounds each:
Partner 1: 10 Toes to Bar Fx: Hanging Knee Raises
Partner 2: Deadlift Hold 225/155, 185/125

*Reps count only while Hold is performed

*Coaches can start teams at different WOD Pieces