Thursday, January 7, 2021


Thursday, January 7, 2021


5 Push-Ups 
10 Sit-Ups
15 Air Squats


World’s Greatest Stretch e/s 
Inch Worms 
10 Arm Circles Front & Back e/s 
20 Chain Breakers
20 Bushwackers


A) Bulgarian Split Squats– 4×10-15 e/s 
B) Single Leg Glute Ham Bridge– 4×10-15 e/s 

You will do these as a superset- meaning one set of Split Squats (on each side), then one set of GH Bridges (again on each side). 

For the Split Squats feel free to add weight if you’d like. 

On the GH Bridges you can add weight (set it on your hips), or hold something between your knees- both will add difficulty to the movement. 


-8 min AMRAP-

16 Burpees
16 Jumping Lunges

Go fast, get reps.