Thursday, January 14, 2021


Thursday, January 14, 2021

We’re coming up on the first DEXA scan at Ballston CrossFit this Saturday! Sign up for a before/after scan for $150, or a one-time scan for $90.


Thunderstruck (play the song, then do a burpee every time they said the word “Thunderstruck”)

Shoulder Mobility– we used this video last week, so pick a few different ones and do those (spend ~10-15 mins on this). 


A) Close Grip Push-Ups– 4xME
B) Inverted Rows– 3xME 

I chose these Close Grip Push-Ups over “Diamond” Push-Ups because you get the same effect, without having to put your shoulder in an undesirable (internally rotated) position. 

As for the inverted rows, do your best to figure out a SAFE way to do them in/around your home. If you google it there are many ways to skin this cat, I will leave up to you what you decide is the best (please read: SAFEST) way to do them at home.

And yes, there is supposed to be one more set of Push-Ups than Rows.



Burpees over an Object 

If you have something to do thrusters with (DB/KB/whatever) please use that (do half of each set on each side if it’s only one object), OR do double the amount of jumping lunges.  Then do your burpees over said object, or just set something on the floor and do them over that