Thursday, February 16, 2023


Thursday, February 16, 2023


WHAT: The CrossFit Open is HERE. Starting TODAY, CrossFit will release a workout every Thursday at 3pm for the next 3 weeks! CrossFit gyms around the world will all be doing the same CrossFit Open workout to challenge themselves and see how they stack up amongst their gym and the world! REMINDER, you can still officially sign up for the CrossFit Open through Monday, Feb 20th. Teams have already been drafted, but you will be added to a team. 

WHEN: We will be doing the Open workouts Friday during all the regular class WODs. We encourage you all to come on Friday night for “Friday Night Lights,” (4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 PM WODs), so we can cheer each other on and have some fun! Reserve a spot in the WOD just like you normally do and be prepared to judge and cheer each other on! You are welcome to bring food and drinks.

We will run a make-up session Sunday at 11 AM. Please coordinate with your Team Coach if you cannot make it either Friday or Sunday.

HOW TO SUBMIT SCORES: Scorecards will have two parts – the top half is for the gym to keep to validate the score; the bottom half is for the athlete to keep and put scores online into the app. IT IS THE ATHLETES RESPONSIBILITY TO SUBMIT SCORES ON TIME (we recommend using the CF Games app and submitting right after you do the Open workout). Scores are due by 8pm on the following Monday. If you decide that you want to redo your score, submit your first score that way if something comes up and you forget, or your score does not improve, you’ll have something submitted. 

Every 1:30, 4 Rounds
1) 4 Weighted Strict Chin-Ups (FX: Banded Strict Chin-Ups) (RX+: 2-4 Strict Ring Muscle-Ups)
2) 50’/50′ Single Kettlebell Bottoms Up Carry (FX: Dumbbell)

5 Rounds of :50 on, :10 off
1) AMRAP Calorie Ski
2) AMRAP Calorie Bike
3) Rest
4) Rest
*Score is total calories