Sunday, January 4, 2018


Sunday, January 4, 2018

Yoga with Kendra at 11:15 am. Free for CFR7 members and $10 drop in.

Great reads. CrossFit and Yoga need one another:

This Sunday is the Last Sunday for Yoga! Yoga will now take place on Thursday nights at 7:45 pm starting February 8th. There will no Open gym at this time. Silence is golden. Spread the word and bring you mat or use ours. Free for CFR7 members and $10 drop in.


Freestanding Handstand / Rope Climb Skill
Work on technique / practice for 15 minutes

4 Rounds (24 minute clock) of:
AMRAP 4 Minutes
30/20 Calorie Row
60 Double-Unders
AMRAP 10m Shuttle Sprints
Rest 2:00

Score = total number of 10m shuttle sprints over the 4 rounds

*Large class = 2 minute stagger