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Reynoldo Cervantes

After almost a year of trying to convince myself to get into the gym, I finally took the hardest step and walked through the door of CrossFit Route 7 and signed up. What convinced me was the great stories and results that I had heard about from CrossFit Route 7 and their fitness programs.

I started with the Foundations program and it was no where near as easy as I thought it might be.  I did not have any experience working out or getting into a workout routine.  By joining CFR7, it forced me into a schedule and made me accountable for my progress.  After the Foundations and one month of attending the main CrossFit WODs, I saw significant changes in my body that encouraged me to sign up for a year!   When I started the journey, I was almost 200 pounds and was not able to do more then 10 push ups. After almost a year I have  dropped about 25 pounds and can see a huge difference in my body and my stamina.  It was  was not easy, but with all help and support from  all the coaches and members at CFR7, I was finally able to get where I am at now. If you are looking for real results and a great place to workout, I would definitely recommend CFR7! It may not be easy,  but if you are dedicated and push yourself,  the coaches at CFR7 will help you achieve your goals. I am really  grateful to be a part of the CrossFit Route 7  family, and want to extend a HUGE thank you to all the coaches – you have really changed my life!

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