Monday, July 6, 2020


Monday, July 6, 2020

As we reconvene our operations after the coronavirus shutdown, we realize class attendance is starting to look different than prior to the shutdown. Many of you are operating under a different schedule as you work from home, watch your kids and try to balance your time under this new reality. 

After analyzing our attendance throughout June, we will be making adjustments to our evening schedule. We believe this new schedule (starting Today July 6) will improve the gym environment in the evening and make WODs more fun! You can view the schedule in Zen Planner and on our website ( We will likely keep this schedule through the end of the summer, and as more people return to work this fall, we will continue to assess the schedule and add WODs back to the schedule. 

Weekly OverviewEvents/Classes
MondayDeadliftsFree 7-Fit Class at 6:00PM Click Here To Register now
TuesdayReverse BurpeesFree CrossFit Class at 6:00PM Click Here To Register Now
WednesdayStrict Press
ThursdaySquat Cleans
FridayCore Strength
SaturdayRunFree 7-Fit Class at 10:00AM Click Here To Register now
SundayPower Snatches


E3MOM 15
10 Deadlifts (ME)


Double Unders

Start Each Round with:
6 Clean and Jerks (135/95) (Fx: 95/65)