Monday, July 4, 2022


Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy Independence Day!

We only have an 8 AM and 9 AM class today – reserve your spot on ZenPlanner ASAP!

Weekly OverviewEvents/Classes
Monday4th of July WOD
TuesdayHandstand Skill WorkThoracic (upper) Spine Mobility Class at 5:45 PM
ThursdayBent-Over Row
FridayFront Squat
SaturdaySquad WOD
SundayShoulder/Knee Strengthening

4th of July WOD

7 Rounds for Time w/ Partner (Split reps any way)
4 Rope Climbs (FX: 2)
100m Team Run (both partners)
7 Power Clean (185/125) (FX: 155/105) (RX+: 205/145)
7 Synchro Bar Facing Burpees (both partners)
6 Bar Muscle-Ups (FX: Chest to Bar Pull-Up) (RX+: Ring Muscle-Ups)
*40:00 Cap