Monday, January 9, 2017


Monday, January 9, 2017

Schedule Update:
Tuesday, January 10th. 5:30pm only for evening classes. No 6:30pm or 7:30pm
Nutrition Kickoff at 6:30 pm
4:30 Pm Friday WODS are cancelled.


Bring a Friend Week! Putting health and fitness first yields outstanding results in all aspects of a persons life. So don’t be selfish, SHARE! Bring a friend all week and workout with our awesome community. No CrossFit experience needed. All wods will be modified so you can train with buddy.


20 Rep Schedule and adjustments

Week 1: 70% of 5RM

Week 2: 73-75%

Week 3: 76-80%

Week 4: 79-85%

Week 5: 82-90%

Week 6: 85-95%

Week 7: MAX Effort Attempt at 100%

Athletes can make the needed percentage increases weekly to hit their 20 reps. We are recommending a 3-5 percent increase each week. 70% is again the recommended start percentage, starting lower is okay as long as the intensity is there and goal is met. Ask Coach.

These 20 sets are intense both mentally and physically. Be aggressive, you could be under the bar for some time. If you overshoot your attempt and failed shy of 20 reps, Log it and Make the appropriate adjustment for next weeks squats. These adjustments were established based on a 2 day squat cycle with alternating squat types, as opposed to the 3 day/5# per day does not correlate well. We believe the athlete will still receive great strength increases and PR their 5 RM at the end of the cycle. Also, EAT and SLEEP. The next 24-36 hours is important after each session.


Strength/Skill Schedule This Week

Monday: Pull-ups and Long MetCon
Tuesday: Back Squat
Wednesday: Bench Press
Thursday: Push Press
Friday: Front Squat
Saturday: Partner WOD
Sunday: Deadlifts


Kipping Pull up Technique
RX: 50 C2B Pull ups for time
FX: 50 Pull Ups for time
BAF: 50 banded pull-ups for time

20 Overhead Lunges (in place) 45/25, Fx:25/15 BAF: 15/10
15 Games Std. Box Jumps* 30/24 Fx: 24/20 BAF: 20/16
10 Plate Ground to Overhead 45/25, Fx:25/15 BAF: 15/10
5 Atomic Sit-ups 45/25, Fx:25/15 BAF: 15/10

*If necessary, share a box and run a 1 min stagger

150 Ft HS Walk for time
Fx: 75 ft.
BAF: Handstand hold