Gigi Schwartzman


Gigi Schwartzman


Six weeks after the birth of my second child, my doctor gave me a clean bill of health and I was ready to get back into shape. I had gained 47 pounds to be exact and had lost major muscle mass and was in poor cardiovascular health due to a pregnancy related medical condition that prevented me from regular exercise. I felt weak, sluggish and overwhelmed at the prospect of going back to the gym but I knew it was necessary if I wanted to feel better again and maintain daily stress.

As I was about to join my regular gym, my husband recommended CrossFit based on his experiences powerlifting which incorporates many CrossFit movements. Why not join CrossFit with its daily structured programming and supportive community? I agreed but not without some hesitation. I was nervous and did not know if CrossFit was for me. That first day I visited Route 7, I was excited but also scared. Would I be able to overcome my fear and do whatever it took to get my health back? And indeed, the first month was HARD. Not to mention, I had absolutely nothing to wear to work let alone to the gym and starting from ground zero was an uphill battle.

Those first few months, I was delighted to learn that the CrossFit exercises that I thought were impossible to ever do myself all had many modifications and were all “scaled” to individual ability level and comfort. This scaling makes it possible for all us to work at our own pace and achieve our personal goals. The coaches at Route 7 were all knowledgeable of the different modifications for any given workout and encouraged and motivated us to our best no matter our limitations.
The Route 7 community of coaches and athletes have been nothing but supportive and encouraging of each other and of those of us brand new to CrossFit.

Six months in, I think back to how I felt when I first started and I have come a long way. I have gained a lot of strength and my cardiovascular health has greatly improved. I noticed these changes just within my first month of WODs! And, I am more or less at my pre-pregnancy weight. I have many CrossFit goals, some of which include a strict pull ups and rope climbs. With that said, I am excited to continue my journey with the Route 7 community as we endeavor to CrossFit together!

I am SO thankful for Coach BJ and the incredibly supportive community of coaches and athletes at Route 7! With you, I see myself achieving levels of fitness I had never thought I would be capable of. Thank you for your dedication and your hard work – your Route7 programming is first rate and your community of athletes like no other.