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Monday, December 14, 2015

GET EXCITED – we are moving on to bigger and better things! Officially announcing the move to CFR7 2.0 next week!! Thank you for your patience while our amazing new permanent space was under construction. The time is finally here to make the move into our new space but we need your help. The WOD for next FridayandSaturday (December 18&19) have been programmed…a unique opportunity to pick up heavy things and put them down…”Moving WOD.” On Friday, we will maintain our regular WOD schedule for you to come in and provide an hour of your time to help us move equipment and rubber mats into your new home.
In addition, Saturday, December 19th we are asking for you to come help move during a 2 hour block of your choice. Any extra time that you provide will be greatly appreciated. Our goal is to get everything in place so that Monday, December 21st is your first WOD in the box you have been waiting for.
Saturday Moving Blocks:
This is your community family. Let’s build it together (helping us move does not count against your 13 classes)!
Thanks a bunch in advance!!
Strict Press
6 x 2 (A)
Partner Wod: With a partner:
Row 3k
Every 3 minutes, stop rowing and complete 10 Thrusters 115/80 Fx:95/65 and 10 Burpees
appropriate row and reps as desired.
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