Friday, June 26, 2015


Friday, June 26, 2015

This Saturday be sure to take advantage of Mastering Mobility for Exercise. What exactly is self myofascial release?  What’s actually happening when I use a foam roller?  Why are my muscles tight?  Why can’t I just stretch?  Why does it hurt when we press on a certain place?  I foam rolled once why isn’t my squat fixed?  What do my pecs have to do with overhead positions?This is a fast paced, in-depth overview of fundamental soft-tissue physiology and biomechanics as they relate to exercise.  Coach Adam will not only instruct you on HOW to mobilize and treat areas for common movement faults, but explains WHY we do what we do. Gaining a greater understanding of how your own body works translates to – less pain, greater flexibility, more power output, consistent strength, faster metcons…and maybe better abs. Maybe.And and all mobility tools welcome. $20/person. 2-3 hours running time.


Deadlift, 5×5 (A)

Run 200m
10 kettlebell cleans, 24/16 (RX does 20 reps)
10 kettlebell push presses, 24/16 (RX does 20 reps)

Finisher: L-sit holds on rings, accumulate at least 90 seconds.