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Danielle Sanguanboon

Danielle began her fitness journey with CrossFit Route 7 on July 30, 2018 in our new 7-Fit Program. Our 7-Fit Program introduces fundamental fitness training concepts in a fun bootcamp style class with a strong focus on core strengthening and fat burning exercises. Our 7-Fit members have been seeing incredible results through this program and we are happy to share one of our many success stories with you!
Danielle has been consistently attending class 3-4 times per week since July 30th. She has such an infectious positive attitude in class and is always eager to learn. In every one hour class you can see that the determination in this woman cannot be stopped. She pushes herself incredibly hard in every workout, usually at 6 o’clock in the morning before most people are even out of bed, and she has become stronger and faster every week.

 On top of the hard work in class, Danielle has dialed in her nutrition and water intake. The positive affect that all of this dedication is having on her performance, energy, and body composition is undeniable and we cannot wait to see her continue reaching her goals in 7-Fit! Read more about Danielle below:

1. What is your Athletic/Fitness background?
When I was in school, I was a runner and a soccer player.  That was 20 years ago!
2. Why did you join The 7-Fit Program?
After having 2 kids in the last 4 years, I wanted to get fit to stay healthy.
3. Favorite 7-Fit Movement?
 I love the rowing machine.
4. Biggest Challenge?
5. Biggest Improvement?
I feel great overall, and have more energy every day.
6. Fun Fact about yourself?
 I designed and built an orangutan habitat at a rescue center in Thailand.
7. What is most special about 7-Fit at CrossFit Route 7?
The people (both coaches and members) at CrossFit Route 7 are awesome.  Everyone is welcoming, kind, and will push you to reach your goals.
8.  Any advice for new members?
Show up and work hard.