• 7-Fit Program by CrossFit Route 7 in Vienna VA, 7-Fit Program by CrossFit Route 7 near Tysons Corner VA, 7-Fit Program by CrossFit Route 7 near Falls Church VA, 7-Fit Program by CrossFit Route 7 near McLean VA, 7-Fit Program by CrossFit Route 7 near Great Falls VA

Want to know the secret to fast results in a fun environment? We have it! It’s in our 7-Fit Program where we put the FUN in FUNctional fitness! Our one hour full body workout is offered up to seven times a week, and specializes in intense cardio with fat blasting light weight training exercises that will surely improve fitness, your body composition and confidence.

Bored of the treadmill and staring at the screen? Not sure how to effectively workout at the gym? Our program offers workouts that are constantly varied, speeding up your metabolism while always keeping it fun for you and challenging your body (you’ll likely get sore as you’re improving your fitness). Our members rave about how quickly they have seen results with our program. Experience for yourself what it is like to finally have the body and fitness you have always dreamed of and to learn from the most highly qualified fitness professionals. Start your journey with us today!

You can sign up for this exciting (and popular) program on our How to Join page and you can view our class times on our Schedule page.


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