Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

**Black and Red Barbell will be transitioning into their new location this week (right behind us).  The CFR7 family would to wish them all the success and gains in their journey. To assist in a smooth transition we will not have Open gym this week so that the team can optimize their equipment transfer.  CFR7 members are welcome and encouraged to utilize Open Gym times at BCF until open gym hours return.  Congratulations again on B&R Barbell’s new venture.**

H-A double L-O-W- double E N (Spells Halloween!!) 👻Grab your Halloween costume and WOD partner for CFR7 Halloween WOD. It’s going to be a Spoooooky-tacular themed WOD with a fun Halloween twist! Note: This fun-filled WOD is available to all AM/PM classes!


Halloween partner WOD (costumes encouraged and one working at a time):
200m Pumpkin suitcase carry (one pumpkin per team)
100 Pumpkin swings*
100 Pumpkin cleans
100 Pumpkin squats*
100 Pumpkin Push Press
100 Russian Twists w/ Pumpkin*
100 Walking overhead Pumpkin lunges
100 Box step-ups with your Pumpkin (24/20)*
100 Burpees over the Pumpkin
200m Pumpkin suitcase carry (one pumpkin per team)
NOTE: During movements with an *, 2nd partner must hold a plank (forarm or on hands) while other partner is moving the pumpkin. Pumpkin cannot move if partner is not holding a plank.
Rx Pumpkin = 24/16 KB