Monday, September 5, 2016


Monday, September 5, 2016

Come out Saturday, September 10th at 11am for a Free Fun Bootcamp workout hosted by Tyson’s Biergarten Led by CrossFit Route 7 and teamed up with the great folks of lululemon Tyson’s! All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to participate and receive motivational instruction and exercise. After it’s all done meet and greet the community, have some drinks, food, laughs and games.

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Push Press
12:00 to Find a Heavy set of 5
Perform 1 set of max reps at 80% of above

AM vs. PM Throwdown WOD 1 “The Chipper”
Teams of 4 (2 working at a time).
20 min AMRAP
200m partner carry
50m handstand walk, FX: 40 Wall Facing Shoulder taps
50 OHS 135/95, Fx: 95/65
50 pull-ups, Fx: Ring Rows
50 shoulder to overhead 135/95, Fx: 95/65
50 pistols, Lunges with KB
50 squat cleans 135/95, Fx: 95/65
50 HSPU Fx: HR Push ups
15 muscle ups (bar or rings permitted) Fx: 20 C2B + Ring dips