Monday, May 23, 2016


Monday, May 23, 2016

Tuesday, May 24th, Bring a friend to any Wod all day! Give your friend and family the chance to see how we do things at CrossFit Route 7.  Join us for the 21 Guns Wod, a short but sweet WOD, all exercises are scalable to your ability level. Main event with RWB at 6:30 pm.  About RWB and 21 Guns Wod


5/3/1 Schedule
Monday: Bench Press
Wednesday: Strict Press
Friday Back Squat
Sunday: Deadlift


MEAT HEAD MONDAY! Wear your best gym rat gear and Bro out! The brighter the better.


Fitness & performance:
Bench press, 5×3 (ME) or 5/3/1 format, 3@70%, 3@80 and 3+ @90%

Strict pull-ups, 4 sets of burnouts (feel free to go weighted)

4 rounds:
Burnout bicep curls (any form)
Burnout banded tricep pulldown

Ab finisher
Optional finisher: 5k run