“Mom” Allyn Jones


“Mom” Allyn Jones

photo62 years young and getting stronger every day!

I came from a fairly active group class at a regional gym where all around aerobics, body and hand weights were our medium.   Except for a torn rotator cuff that kept me from many movements and a knee that hurt to bend I thought I was physically fit!  An orthopedic Doctor looking at my MRI said my shoulder could only be fixed through surgery and my knee was an age issue….he said I was old!!  The more my son Tucker told me about CrossFit and the more I watched his physical improvements, the more I wished to join.  But I thought I was too “elderly”.    Somehow the conversation came up and Tucker said it was never too late to get in shape, so I made the commitment to begin.  I joined Ballston CrossFit during the Foundations class in May 2014 and I expected to “try” it out for 2-3 months.  Within weeks my “try” turned to a very positive addiction even though I had to make the time commitment to drive more than 20 minutes to get to Ballston. Thankfully Tucker opened CrossFit Route 7 to greatly shorten my commute to the gym (I like to think he opened the new box for me)!

The encouragement (and education) to do mobility before and after class has been a most positive affect on my ability to hold correct positions and then increase my weights as strength improved. When I started, my shoulders and hips were so tight that I could not even do an overhead squat with PVC (using weight was impossible).  After months of mobility in the shoulder and hips I can now do an overhead squat with 35lbs and good form! Here are some other things I have accomplished

  • 4 full rope climbs to a 15′ height
  • Can do 10 “real push-ups”!!
  • Double unders w jump rope
  • Jump on a 24″ box
  • Power clean 75lbs
  • Back squat and deadlift over 100lbs
  • Bench Press 50lbs

The other blessing about Ballston CF and CFR7 is that no one seems to mind how old I am.  The point for each individual is to improve their strength, function, mobility and nutrition.  Some people practice and some don’t but the obvious successes are by those athletes who improve because of focus and the work they do on both mobility and strength training.

I wish I would return to those orthopedists who said I was old and needed surgery, to show them my massive improvement (and share that I’ve lost 8lbs doing CF and gained new muscles).  CrossFit and all that goes along with its focus such as chiropractic care (ART) and Thai massage which have all been parts of my rehab and reconditioning.

I am very thankful to my son Tucker, his excellent standards at BCF and CFR7, his incredible team of coaches, and the wonderful encouraging community which he has built for introducing me to the wonderful world of CrossFit. I have had an incredible improvement in my fitness since starting CrossFit and can’t wait to meet my new fitness goals! See you at the 7:30am WOD!