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Jordan Speares: Pregnancy and CrossFit

CrossFit helped me throughout my pregnancy, during labor and postpartum. 

I’ve always been into working out, but I was getting sick of my usual routine: running, random weight lifting, sporadic group classes, etc.  I had heard of CrossFit, but was hesitant to try something so unknown.  I finally tried CrossFit in 2015.  Right away, I knew the competitive, yet friendly environment at CFR7 was something I was going to enjoy.  The variety of workouts was something that no other type of exercise routine could compare to.  Additionally, the knowledge of the coaches at CFR7 was impressive, so I knew I was in good hands.
I did CrossFit 3 times a week for about a year when I found out I was expecting a baby due in February 2017.  In the beginning, not much had to change during my WODs, but as my pregnancy progressed, the coaches helped modify and substitute certain movements. These changes allowed me to participate in entire classes.  I was so happy I could keep up with CrossFit throughout the 9 months of pregnancy.  I was in the best shape I could have been in before having a baby, thanks to CrossFit.
Not only did CrossFit help me maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout my pregnancy, I truly think it helped during my labor.  I know that the mental and physical challenges all athletes in CrossFit overcome during WODs can be related to other daily challenging situations, like labor and childbirth.
I was in great shape throughout my pregnancy because of CrossFit, which helped me tremendously postpartum.  I had a quicker recovery and an easier time getting back to working out after my son was born.  I am so glad that CrossFit was a part of my life…it is hard to imagine what my pregnancy experience would have been like had CrossFit not been in my life.
I am a big believer in CrossFit and think that it is something that can be incorporated into most everyone’s workout routines…even if you are pregnant!


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