Friday, December 16, 2016


Friday, December 16, 2016

Congratulations to Zach and Nicole Kabetz on there wedding day. That Jamaica scenery is definitely making us jealous and we can’t wait to see you two when you return.



Kipping and butterfly pull up clinic, Saturday, December 17 at 1115:

Would you like learn how to maximize efficiency and technique with these dynamic pull up methods?  Coach BJ will lay down the foundation and progressions to improve cycling for high repetition wods and prep for the 2017 Open season. Bring your wraps and desire for fitness!


Drop ins $10



A quote we live by is “you can’t out-train a bad diet.” To truly attain elite fitness, it’s imperative that your nutrition be as habitual & robust as your exercise routine.

[Nutrition + Exercise = Elite Fitness]

As a BCF & CFR7 member, we work hard to ensure your exercise programming is well-rounded and elite. For 2017, we’ve decided to hold the nutrition side of the equation to this same high-standard:

We are excited to announce our partnership with Elite Nutrition & Keep It Real Nutrition to provide you with a well-rounded range of nutrition coaching services and programs.

*Gift announcement*

To kick-things off in the new year, we will be launching an innovative nutrition workshop which is unlike any other nutritional approach we’ve seen.

We want 2017 to be a big step forward in your own fitness journeys, so we’ve decided to purchase 25 seats to this workshop which will be available to you first come, first serve.

There are 2 sessions – one at BCF & one at CFR7 – learn more and sign up here

*January 2017 Nutrition Challenge *

In January, we will also be launching a re-designed nutrition challenge…with a twist.

Unlike most nutrition challenges, we believe that changing every aspect of your nutrition all-at-once, coupled with an intense 30-day timeline, doesn’t lead to sustainable long-term results.

Why not leverage the motivation of a group competition with the effectiveness of nutrition coaching?

So, what does this look like? The best way to learn more is to attend our January nutrition workshop and/or stay tuned as we provide more information in the coming weeks.

Once again, here’s the sign-up link


Overhead Squat:
3 x 10 (A)

“Fight or Flight Simulator””
Double Unders
Deadlifts 165/110, Fx: 135/95
*Double Unders must be UB to move to the Deadlifts
*5 HR Burpee over Bar Penalty for Breaking up Deadlifts
15:00 Cap”