CrossFit Route 7 » Friday, August 16, 2019
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Friday, August 16, 2019

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3 Rounds
:30 Ring Support Hold (Rx+: High Rings)
100m Jog
1:00 Low Ring Plank Hold
100m Jog
5 Parallette Push-ups into Max time L-sit hold
100m jog

3 Rounds
:30 Support Hold on Boxes
100m Jog
1:00 High Plank Hold
100m Jog
5 Box Push Ups + Max Time Tuck hold
100m jog


E3MOM 15
7 Ring Dips (Fx: Hand Release Push-ups) (Rx+: High Rings)
5 Box Jumps (30/24) (Fx: 24/20) (Rx+: 36/30)
3 Unbroken Thrusters (Increase weight each round)

Score is max weight on thrusters.

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