Erin Bird


Erin Bird



Like a lot if people, I was a slave to cardio and thought it was the end all, be all for weight loss. I would spend hours and hours on the treadmill, running outside and on the elliptical with little success. One marathon, 3 half marathons and several other road races down, I was bored, frustrated and anxious for a change to my fitness routine. I had heard of Crossfit and had friends who had done Crossfit and swore by it, but I was a little intimidated. I had seen the games on ESPN and didn’t think I was fit enough to even try! A friend encouraged me to try the free class with her and immediately after, I was hooked.

Tucker and his coaches are all professional, encouraging, knowledgeable and interested in your goals and success. The community at the box is incredibly supportive. In 16 months, I had seen such incredible gains in my fitness that I never saw while doing strictly cardio. I went from not lifting at all to having a 305# deadlift, 250# back squat, 175# split jerk and 155# clean (to just name a few). The idea of doing a pull-up seemed laughable when I first started, but now I can complete several in a row. I have had the pleasure of competing in some local competitions, both as part of a team as an individual. I have lost about 15 pound over the last 16 months, but lost several inches overall and dropped 2 clothing sizes.

Crossfit has allowed me to challenge myself physically and mentally and I have become a part of an amazing community that encourages, supports and constantly improves it’s members. If you are considering Crossfit, do not let your fears hold you back and give it a try; you will be so incredibly grateful that you did!