Amanda Darr


Amanda Darr

I have been a member of CFR7 for the past 5 months, and it has been the first exercise program I have stuck with in the last 4 years. After completing grad school and starting a full-time job I struggled with my health. I grew up playing sports, and once school ended I didn’t have an outlet anymore. I tried going to the gym on my own, and at home workouts, but I would get bored and quit after a few weeks. I had no motivation to exercise on my own. I knew I needed to try something else, I just didn’t know what. That’s when I saw the New You Challenge on Facebook. My cousin actually owns a CrossFit gym, so it was always something I was curious about, but never thought I’d be fit enough or strong enough to do. I saw that the program was only 6 weeks, so I decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I could have made. I love how every day is different and incorporates both cardio and strength. Being able to exercise with a group while at my own pace and ability is the perfect fit for me. I have more energy, feel healthier, my clothes fit better, and I feel strong. After the challenge ended I signed up for a year membership, and consistently come 4-5 times a week.

My two favorite things about CrossFit are the community and the coaches. Everyone has been so welcoming since day one. I never felt out of place or like I didn’t belong. Everyone encourages one another to complete the workouts and I like the accountability it provides. I also can’t say enough about the amazing coaches. They are all very knowledgeable, and even when a class is full they make sure my technique is still where it needs to be. Coach BJ is always there to greet me with a smile and Coach Ashley is always motivating me and encouraging me to just keep moving.

If I could give one piece of advice to people considering CrossFit it would be don’t be intimidated. Everything is scalable and before you know it you’ll be doing exercises you didn’t think your body was capable of. Prior to starting CrossFit I had never tried weightlifting, and now it is what I look forward to the most. It took me a solid month to understand and execute a clean, but after 5 months I hit 140 on my clean & jerk and couldn’t be happier. I still have a long way to go (especially on gymnastic movements), but my goal is to keep improving on my technique, strength, and to always give 100% every workout. I can’t thank CFR7 and the coaches enough for introducing me to a community and program that I enjoy and am proud to be a part of.

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