Monday, June 26, 2017


Monday, June 26, 2017


For the month of July we would like to celebrate and honor our patrons that have been with us since our inception. These athletes have been the foundation of CrossFit Route 7 since January of 2015. They have been around through our ups and downs. Our changes and modifications, and are considered leaders of the CFR7 community. Each day for the month of July we will honor an O.G. of CrossFit Route 7 on the WOD Post and Route 7 Facebook page.


Strength for the week
Monday: Overhead Lunge
Tuesday: Long Metcon
Wednesday: Clean and Jerk
Thursday: Double MetCon
Friday: Benchmark Wod “Amanda”
Saturday: Strict Press/Push Press/Push Jerk
Sunday: Thruster


OH Barbell Lunge:
5 x 10 Meters (ME)

Renegade Row 50/35 Fx: 40/30
Sit Ups
Plate Ground to Overhead 45/25 Fx: 25/15