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Umair Ghazi

It’s quite fitting that I am writing my CrossFit story in February as it was exactly two years ago that I started my CrossFit journey here at CFR7 and what a journey it has been. I still remember the day I showed up at CFR7 for the free CrossFit class and even though it was a relatively simple workout, it made me realize how far from being physically fit I was.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into back then, but I knew I wanted to get better and I immediately signed up for Foundations and a few weeks later I was hooked. Prior to CrossFit, my relationship with work-outs and physical fitness has always been on-and-off. I would work out for a few weeks, other things will take priority, and I’d loose the motivation. CrossFit has inspired me to show up at the gym despite how my schedule is, how I am feeling or how tired I am. The competitive/fun nature of the workouts and the fact that there’s something to learn and improve every time I enter the gym is what makes me keep coming back. It is something I look forward to and am excited about and is usually the highlight of my day! A lot of credit for this goes to the coaches at CFR7 who not only great coaches and CrossFit athletes but also inspire you a great deal, make the workouts fun and are always ready to work with you on your strengths and weaknesses and constantly push you to do the best every time. The smile and encouragement you see on their face when you hit a PR or your first handstand push up or a muscle up or a double under says it all. The community at CFR7 is equally amazing and very welcoming. You will usually find me hanging at the gym after my workout with the 5:30/6:30pm crew! 

After 2 years, 295 classes, I can say that coming to CFR7 was one of the best decisions of my life (and I’ve lost 15lbs and gained a lot of muscle!). I am in great shape – physically and mentally, stronger, fitter, faster and I am just getting started! The benefits of CrossFit are not just limited to the numbers I mentioned above, the spirit of never giving up and doing the best I can especially when I am almost about to give up during a workout has transferred into other aspects of my life and I just like to give my best to whatever I am doing. It’s something that’d stay with me wherever I go. Here’s to more fitness, self-improvement and friendships!  Thanks CFR7!

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