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COVID Phase 3 Member’s Guide



COVID Phase 3 Member’s Guide

As we continue to follow the guidelines set in order to stay open it will be important that we all strictly adhere to guidelines outlined by government officials. It will be the best way to keep you safe and healthy while working out. We very much appreciate all of you being patient. We are doing our absolute best to keep you safe while providing you a good experience at the gym within the constraints of current regulations.

Through Phase 3 of the reopening process our workouts will be slightly different than phase 2:

  • Based on current demand, we are choosing to keep classes capped at 17 members with 1 coach. As more members feel comfortable working out, we may increase the class cap for some of our classes but we intentionally keep some smaller so members can ensure to find smaller classes to attend.
  • Maintain 10ft of distance between yourself and your closest neighbor, there are taped/marked 10 foot sections for each person. 
  • No partner WODs and recommended that athletes do not share equipment.
  • You may workout outside if you feel more comfortable!
  • We request that face masks are worn until the coach has taken your temperature (temperature must be under 100.3 degrees to enter the gym and workout). During the WOD, face masks are optional.  

Reserving for Class

  • You must RESERVE for class through Zen Planner. Classes can be reserved 1 week in advance. You may not show up to class if you have not reserved. 
  • If you do not show up to a class that you had reserved and that class is at full capacity, you will be barred from that class time for 30 days. Please respect your fellow athletes who also want to workout.
  • Reservations can be cancelled up to 1 hour before class. If you need to cancel after that 1 hour window has passed you need to contact the gym via email or phone. If we do not answer your call, leave a voicemail message explaining your situation. Please do your best to drop your reservation 1 hour prior to class to ensure another member can come in to workout.
  • If you are waitlisted for a class, be sure to check 1 hour prior to class to see if you were bumped into the class if others dropped their reservations.

Class Structure

  • Upon arrival at the gym, please take your temperature and at that time you may remove your facemask.
  • The coach will brief the class as usual but please maintain 10ft of distance between you and everyone else in class.
  • Before grabbing equipment, you must sanitize or wash your hands. 
  • Next, we recommend that you wipe down your equipment (wipe down the Barbell, Kettlebell handle and Pull-ups bars). The bumper plates should not be wiped down as the disinfect damages them. Please ensure appropriate distancing between workout stations.
  • After class, please sanitize the equipment with a disinfectant wipe or with the spray bottle solution and a hand towel (reminder – please do NOT wipe down the bumpers).
  • Before leaving we recommend that you sanitize or wash your hands.

General Guidelines

  • Follow the coaches directions to ensure a safe workout environment. All of the coaches have gone through a training session regarding the guidelines to be followed and will be in charge of making sure that all members adhere to them.
  • Please keep at least a distance of 10ft between yourself and other members/coaches.
  • We ask you to continue to monitor your health and if you are not feeling well STAY HOME. 
    • This includes any indication of being sick (shortness of breath, fever, cough, headache, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and/or loss of smell) 
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