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No Bull Nutrition Challenge

There’s so much going on around us that can easily take most of us off our routines: holiday season, work, school,kids, a pandemic. But, we don’t have to stay off the path towards better health. This year we will be working with Stephanie of No Bull Nutrition for our 2021 nutrition challenge.
This 8 weeks nutrition challenge will be Focus on Flexible Dieting.
It will help you to meet your physical goals as well as to educate you on proper nutrition.

The goal of our No Bull Nutrition challenge is to learn exactly how much food your body needs on a daily basis in order to function optimally and achieve a given goal. Restricting foods can ultimately lead to binging later on down the road. Allowing freedom of choice, on the other hand allows for a much more sustainable, long term dietary solution for health and overall fitness.

Here’s how it works:


The registration link is below:

Duration: 8 weeks

         Early bird registration (11/30-12/15)-  $110
          Regular registration (12/16-12/31) – $125
          Late registration (1/1-1/15)- $140

**Before and after DEXA scans also available @$150. Details to follow.

System: This challenge will have a point system to help keep you accountable and on track. At the end of the challenge, the individual with the most points will be crowned the winner!

Daily points
Earn up to 4 points daily
2 points- All three macronutrients are hit within +/- 5 grams for carb and protein and +/- 2 grams for fat
1 point- At least 1/3 macronutrients met within required limits
1 point 7+ hours of sleep
1 point  Worked Out

Weekly points
1 point BONUS (calculated weekly)- 2 active rest days.

Weekly Check-ins
Each individual will check-in with No Bull Nutrition one time per week via email. I will make weekly adjustments to their macronutrient numbers based off of the feedback I receive. They will also report in their points and I will keep a running total for them.  Lastly, we will have a private Facebook group available for communication.

Finally, based off of TOTAL points earned, top 3 winners will get a BIG PRIZES!!! Sign up today!