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Intramural Open

Announcement from Coach Casey!

As you all know The Open is Coming (see what I did there??).

We will be doing the Open workout every Friday, all day during classes.  We will split the class in half, with one half judging the other, and the Coach being Head Judge.  If you cannot make it to class that Friday, you can do a make-up on Sunday, but ONLY on Sunday! Please do not come in on Saturday and expect the Coach to let you make it up!   

This year we have decided to do this Intramural style, which means we will be splitting all members who are signed up into teams (3 to be exact), and then those teams will be competing against each other.

Nas and I are picking team Captains, who will then draft their teams from those Members and Coaches who are signed up as of Monday, March 8th (yes I know it’s only a week away I’m sorry!).

The Intramural Open will be scored in 3 categories as follows: 

1) Actual Open event scores 
2) Total number of team members who complete the Open WOD that week
3) Best team spirit/sportsmanship 

At the end of the three weeks there will be an event to announce the winning team and what their Prize is!  If you *don’t* sign up by the 8th, don’t worry, we will still put you on a team, but if you’re on the fence then hop in!! 

Here’s the link– get signed up, and join the CrossFit Route 7 Affiliate Team today!!