Corporate Wellness Program


Corporate Wellness Program

CrossFit Route 7 Corporate Wellness Program

CrossFit Route 7 provides a Corporate Wellness Program to promote the wellness of individuals and businesses alike.  When individuals are supported in their pursuit of health, fitness and wellness, businesses reap the benefits.  Let CFR7, one of the best CrossFit operations in the area, help take care of your employees and grow your business!

What are the individual benefits of a CrossFit fitness program?

Your employees will experience a wide range of health benefits which include physical, mental and emotional shifts as a result of enrolling in a community based fitness program such as the one we provide.  Examples of outcomes include increased productivity, focus, stamina, energy levels, job satisfaction, and morale.
How will this benefit my business?

As your employees’ health improve, you can expect to see greater productivity, reduced healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, improved interpersonal relationships, and improved team morale.

How can I start?

The first step is to email [email protected] with the subject line “Corporate Team Building” and provide three days/times your group is available to attend a team building event.  We host a free team building event (onsite or remote) for you and your interested employees to experience the value of the services our gym provides.

Subsequently, we will offer your employees a discount to our beginners Foundations course and membership packages based on your company’s unique wants and needs.

Contact us today to start customizing your Free Corporate Team Building Workout!